Book Review: Call Me Princess by Sara Blaedel


Cover Image of Call Me PrincessAuthor: Sara Blaedel

Paperback: 320 pages

Publisher: Gallery Books; Reprint edition (June 12, 2012)

ISBN-10: 1451683960

ISBN-13: 978-1451683967

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An online flirtation can have horrific consequences, as Detective Inspector Louise Rick discovers when she is called to an idyllic Copenhagen neighborhood where a young woman has been left bound and gagged after a profoundly brutal rape attack. Susanne Hansson met her rapist on a popular dating website; fearing the assailant is trolling the site for his next target, Louise is determined to cut him off at the pass. But then a new victim is found—dead this time—and the case becomes even more complex when Susanne attempts suicide. From scanning seemingly innocent singles’ profiles to exploring a digital window on the city’s dark and dangerous nightlife, to understanding a troubled mother-daughter relationship, Louise races to uncover the shocking truth behind the crimes.

My Thoughts

*TRIGGER WARNING – There is sexual violence in this book.

Have you ever met someone online? It can be scary. You don’t know the other person, or their intentions when meeting someone for the first time.  In this book, there is a man that preys on women and uses a dating site as his avenue to select his victims. The potential victims are unaware of the possible danger that they are facing.

I have to say that I really enjoy reading Sara Blaedel’s books. They are well written, easy reads, that draw you in from the word go.  With that said, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I did, The Forgotten Girls. Call Me Princess left me with lots of questions that I think could have been explored.

  • Was the person that was arrested charged with murder?
  • Was he acting alone?
  • Was there a trial?
  • Was there a conviction?

Among other questions that would spoil the book.  So, I won’t go into those. Ultimately, I found the end of the book to be anticlimactic.

I gave it three hearts because I still enjoyed the book, but was left wanting more answers.

I have reviewed The Forgotten Girls by Sara Blaedel as well, and you can find that review here.


“I know tons of great stories about people who met each other this way.” ~Sarah Blaedel, Call me Princess





About the Author

Image of the author, Sara Blaedel

Sara Blaedel is the author of the #1 international bestselling series featuring Detective Louise Rick. Her books are published in thirty-seven countries. In 2014 Sara was voted Denmark’s most popular novelist for the fourth time. She is also a recipient of the Golden Laurel, Denmark’s most prestigious literary award. She lives in New York City.

The daughter of renowned Danish journalist Leif Blaedel and Annegrethe Nissen, an actress whose career include roles in theater, radio, TV and movies, Sara was surrounded by a constant flow of professional writers and performers visiting the Blaedel home. Despite a struggle with dyslexia, books gave Sara a world in which to escape when her introverted nature demanded shelter from the cacophony of life.

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