Blog Tour: His American Classic by G J Morgan |Author Guest Post

His American Classic by GJ Morgan

Author: G J Morgan

Paperback: 282 pages

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1788038606

ISBN-13: 978-1788038607

Buy it here: Amazon UK | Amazon 


Told from dual perspectives that span two books, this moving and emotionally-driven love story will leave readers breathless and reeling in equal measure.

We see movie stars every day on our screens, but how close is too close? How far would someone go to get that one experience and what would be the consequences? “Celebrities give us all of themselves, but still we all just want that little bit more than we should,” says G J Morgan on his debut story that focuses in equal parts on a movie star and an everyday man. “No matter all the photos and magazines and movies and videos and Paparazzi shots we see of them, it is never quite close enough.” Endless dreams, a sweeping romance and mounting drama that pushes readers to the edge of their seats – someone get the popcorn.

It begins. Lilly Goodridge never wanted to be an actress, and fame is an unwanted side effect she’s desperate to escape. So she takes a tiny film role across the pond in a quiet seaside town where nobody can find her. Except for Tom. Down on his luck, Tom has no choice but to take on a job he never wanted: in search of an actress he doesn’t know, but knows he has to catch.

It continues. Tom watches from afar, seeing Lily laugh, seeing her cry – an unravelling actress, ripe for the taking. All he needs is one photo. So why can’t he do it? Lily’s also at a cross-roads. It’s clear now that no matter how far she runs, she can’t ever escape fame, the paparazzi, even a persuasive Director. Surely it’s just a matter of time before she does something she’ll forever regret. Give them their big headline. Their front page news. Unless someone can convince the actress there’s more to life than running away.

It ends…?

You can purchase this book here: Amazon UK | Amazon 

Mark your calendars! Her American Classic (Part 2) will be featured here, on The Bibliovert, on September 3rd! Make sure to stop back to check it out!

Guest Post By GJ Morgan 

My advice on getting a first novel published.

Don’t do it. Ha!

Be prepared to hate your novel at various stages, but love it enough to carry on.

Be prepared to have to delete your hard work. Just because you love what you have written doesn’t mean it needs to be in your novel.

Be prepared to give up and sulk. I did for a year and a half. You can give up, as long as you start again.

Be prepared for friends and family to ask you every week for the next five years when it will be finished and why it hasn’t.

Be prepared for the long haul. I finished writing my first draft after three years, followed by another year of re-writes, followed by six months at the publishers. Being a writer is not a quick art form. Painters can finish a painting in a week. Bands can write a song in a day. Writers must pick up a pen every day for days and weeks and years. Gives you plenty of time for self-doubt.

Be prepared to know when to stop. If that is the fifth draft or fifteen. There comes a point where you need to call it finished.

Be prepared to be sick of your book. If you can then put it down for a while (I left mine alone for three months). Take some time away from the characters. Come back to it with fresh eyes and opinions.

Be prepared to be bamboozled by what to do next. If to self-publish? If to get a literary agent? If to spend money on copy editing and marketing or to do it yourself? If to go eBook or paperback? If to laugh or cry?

Be prepared to take out a 0% credit card or find wealthy friends. Publishing a book, the right way is not cheap.

Be prepared for the real hard work to begin once your novel is released. You are a salesman now, with a product to sell. You need to knock a lot of doors to get it into people’s hands.

Be prepared to hate your phone. Your life will become emails, Insta, good reads, twitter and amazon sales ranks. You may start to get arthritis in your right wrist.

Be prepared to have to describe your book (regardless if it is 10,000 words or 100,000) in only five words. So like Stephenie Meyers might describe Twilight as “Girl falls in love with vampire” or JK Rowling might describe Harry Potter as “Boy goes to wizard school” you too will learn to explain your five years of hard work as a five second sales pitch. Though you could argue if you can’t explain your novel in five words, then maybe your story is lacking a real story.

Be prepared for people not to read your novel. I gave my book to my Mum a year ago and she is only half way through it. Truth is, regardless if family or friend some people just aren’t natural readers.

Be prepared to be surprised by strangers or long-lost friends. They spread the word, they recommend your book to others, they dedicate time to you, they do more than your ever expected and more than you ever asked for.

Be prepared to take a break. You will feel emotionally and physically drained. Don’t feel the need to rush back to your keyboard and start to write another. You can stop and take a breath.

My advice is actually to not be prepared and ignore all the above. Go in naive and oblivious and fearless. Forget about genre or word count or target market or agents. Just write a story that makes people want to read the next page.

And another thing…My wife asked me once why I write. I said it is like having to go to work, but you don’t get paid, and you don’t have to even go at all, and you mostly don’t enjoy it when you do go. But you still show up every day and moan when you are denied overtime. It is so much easier not to write. And that’s the difference between talking about writing and writing. You do it because something inside is telling you to do so.

About the Author

GJ Morgan Author of His American Classic and Her American Classic



G J Morgan has been a Chef, a fashion graduate and now works in finance. His unpublished novella “Miss B Tee” has recently been adapted into a short film. His and Her American Classic are his debut novels.

Author’s Twitter: @GJMorgan6   



I would like to thank Mr. Morgan, Matador Books (@matadorbooks) and #LoveBooksGroupTour for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour. Please feel free to stop by and check out the other bloggers that are on this tour!  See the list below!


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