Book Review: Painless by Marty Thornley

Painless by Marty Thornley Cover Image

Author: Marty Thornley

Print Length: 284 pages

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 97819785120

Genre: Suspense, Thriller, Horror

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Source: I received an ARC of this novel via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


PAINLESS is a page-turning psychological-horror novel, a front row seat to a clinical trial gone horribly wrong.

For Greg Owens, this was supposed to be a chance to end years of back pain and escape his reliance on pain pills. If it all worked out, he could maybe even get back the life he left behind as the pills took control.

Instead, as the patients are cured of their physical pain, they encounter a different sort of pain building inside them – obsessive thoughts, depression, self-destruction. The side-effects grow worse, and the suspense ratchets tighter. The patients want answers and violent revenge, setting them on a collision course with a crazed doctor, determined to protect his life’s obsession.

My Thoughts

Painless captured what it was like to live with chronic pain and the desperate need and want to feel “normal” again. As a person that struggles daily with chronic pain, it nailed the sear desperation and lengths that a person would go through to feel “normal” and pain-free again.

This book is not like anything I had ever read before. Painless will make you cringe throughout the course of the book. It’s twisted and gruesome. As each event happens, it is if you are right there in the room with the character. The vivid details are not for the faint of heart.

This book didn’t disappoint.


“Denial is a strange mental state to deal with. Addicts hide from themselves with it. The grieving hide from the unbearable weight of loss behind it. Sudden change, for better or worse, could sometimes introduce doubt about the past and whether it truly happened or not.”



About the Author

Marty Thornley, Author of Painless

Marty started writing short stories as a teenager, inspired as much by favorite books and movies as the environment and characters that define the South Shore of Massachusetts. The pull of the movies dragged him first to film school and finally to Los Angeles, where he poked at the outskirts of the industry with screenplays and short films.

As his interest in a film career fizzled, he rebuilt himself bit-by-bit as a programmer. He spent the next decade building websites, finally realizing that something had been lost. His stories were collecting dust in the back of his brain while he sat through conference calls and code reviews.

So he returned to the woods of New England and the calming darkness under the trees. He returned to find the things that crawl in the undergrowth and turn them into words on the page. He dusted off one of his screenplays and turned it into his first novel. In the process, a dormant storyteller was awakened and is now seeking the next blank page to fill.

Website | GoodReads | Twitter

I would like to thank Marty Thornley and NetGalley for giving me the chance to read Painless.


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